Company matter

From incorporation of a company to its winding up, we can say, a large number of companies have relied on our services. Our documentation wing is, we claim, the strongest documentation wing amongst the other corporate chambers. The expertise of our documentation wings are recognized by their experience and name. Their reputation is envious and they have a huge number of junior followed by their experience. Such a team of documentation expert deals with every paper work of a company. We do not follow the Memorandum of Association in a casual mode. We focus on every clause of the memorandum. The reason behind such fastidiousness of scrutiny of Memorandum is, once the MOA is accepted, our client might not be a position to alter or amend the same except by virtue of permission to be delivered by the Hon’bl e High Court Division of Supreme ort of Bangladesh. We also offer search facility in such a sector of practice.

However, while intellectual property is divided in to two branches, namely industrial property and Copy right, our chamber has extended its services to those companies which are in need of protect its intellectual property.
The convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides that intellectual property shall include
a. Literary, artistic and scientific work
b. Performance of performing artist, phonograms and broadcast
c. Inventions in all fields of human endeavor
d. Scientific discoveries
e. Industrial Designs
f. Trademarks, service mark, and commercial names and designation
g. Protection against unfair competition, and all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in theindustrial, artistic, scientific or literary fields.

Since the business and activities of such kind is gradually increasing in the country, necessity of practicing intellectual property law has been felt over the years. Therefore, our chamber has invested a considerable time to build up a team who are solely specialized in the filed of Intellectual Property. Companies with a huge reputation always faced a threat that some other person or persons is using the same name with a cunning change which is not identical at the first instance. Therefore, in the name of original reputed company, the vested quarter is making their revenue giving a serious loss to the original one. Thus necessity of intellectual property law practice is considered an integral part by a large sector of company. Our experience has shown that in most of the cases the courts are applying the principal with great care so that the injured party suffer no more loss, and consequently be compensated by the infringers. Our chamber has a series of record to keep the right as to intellectual property intact. Most of the case the arise regarding Trade mark, Design or patent. We insist our client that whatever the business please make your patent, trade mark or design be registered.

Generalize Services:

Apart from above services, our chamber has expertise of Criminal Law who in course of time is identified as some of the brilliant performer in Criminal Cases. In recent time, we have conducted some of criminal cases which has stunning discovery and vibrate the introspection of the nation. Our practice in Criminal Law extends to Criminal Conspiracy, offence against state, offence against public tranquility, offence relating to public servants, offence relating to Election, Contempt of the lawful authority of public servants, offence against public justice, offence relating to coins and Government stamp, offence relating to Weights and measurement, offence affecting public health, safety, convenience, Decency and Morals, offence relating to Religion, Offence affecting Human Body (which includes, amongst other, offence affecting life, criminal force and assault, Kidnapping, Abduction, Slavery and forced Labour, rape), offence against property, offence of Extortion, Criminal misappropriation of property, Criminal Breach of Trust, Receiving of Stolen Property, Cheating, Fraudulent Deeds and Deposition of Property, Mischief, Criminal Trespass, Loss of property of Banking Company, offence relating to documents and to trade or property marks, offence relating to currency note and bank–note, offence relating to marriage, Defamation, Criminal intimidation, insult prejudicial act, etc.