Sports Litigation

Our firm has comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of litigation involving the sports industry.  We have a remarkable track record in state court trials and appeals, as well as before various domestic and international arbitration tribunals and government agencies.  Although proud of our litigation record, we also understand the importance of exploring alternatives to litigation, and we have achieved outstanding levels of success in the earliest phases of legal disputes.

Our lawyers are extraordinarily well-versed in the complex marketing and branding issues faced by companies in the sports entertainment industry.  Our breadth of practice is evident in the scope and volume of cases we handle.  Along with the dozens of federal and state court cases presently being litigated or negotiated, we are actively protecting and policing our clients' intellectual property rights in Bangladesh Patent and Trademark Office, the many Intellectual Property Organization and various other agencies throughout the world.

We are also conscious of the uniquely public nature of much sports-related litigation.  These disputes are often high-profile and require quick and decisive action.  At the same time, they require a sensitivity to the public images of sports figures, teams and enterprises.  From fan-based web sites to cyber-squatters, from First Amendment issues to seizure orders for counterfeit merchandise, we know from decades of experience that sports trademarks attract a great deal of public interest, some of it unwelcome.  We therefore work closely with our clients on public relations issues associated with litigation.